United States

House divided

By averting a government shutdown, Kevin McCarthy risks his job

Yet the squabbling House Republicans may be too divided to topple him

Sanctuary in the city

The flow of migrants into Chicago is a crisis and an opportunity

Will the new arrivals eventually settle in the Windy City?

Who has agency?

The new Supreme Court term takes aim at the administrative state

Conflicts over guns, gender bias and abortion are coming up, too

Nihilists in Washington

America’s next government shutdown could be the strangest yet

The politics of it are totally bizarre

Woke and broke

Diversity initiatives in America are foundering

Joe Biden’s election sapped energy from the diversity business

Stars and gold bars

Bob Menendez’s indictment is colourful even by Jersey standards

A New Jersey senator and his unusual saving habits


A Trump Party in the Reagan Library

The second Republican debate, like the former president’s speech, showed how much has changed

Summary smackdown

Donald Trump is found liable for fraud in his real-estate dealings

Eventually, that could cost him his business

Busting out

Illinois is the first state in America to abandon cash bail

Will it actually keep people out of jail?

Pax Texana

What Ken Paxton’s acquittal means for Texas Republicans

Threats from the MAGA phalanx cowed lawmakers

Blocking manoeuvres

America’s states are trying to set rules for the internet

This sets up a clash between protecting children and free speech

Uninsurable America

Parts of America are becoming uninsurable

Blame growth in hazardous areas, climate change and bad policy