Life in its fullness

Fernando Botero became famous for his over-size people and animals

But the Colombian painter and sculptor, who died on September 15th, had a different agenda

On a spear’s edge

Mangosuthu Buthelezi had his own vision for a democratic South Africa

The Zulu chief, a rival to Nelson Mandela, died on September 9th, aged 95

Rules in the millions

Douglas Lenat trained computers to think the old-fashioned way

The mathematician who insisted that AI needed a basis of pure common sense died on August 31st, aged 72

Building revolution

Isabel Crook devoted her long life to making a new China

The Canadian anthropologist and teacher died on August 20th, aged 107

How to win a war

Andriy Pilshchykov pleaded for F-16s to be sent to Ukraine

The fighter pilot, known to many only as “Juice”, died on August 25th, aged 30

Cleanliness, godliness

Bindeshwar Pathak realised that India’s future depended on toilets

The social reformer and revolutioniser of national sanitation died on August 15th, aged 80

Safety first

Richard Simpson strove to balance buyers against manufacturers

America’s first consumer-product-safety tsar died on July 21st, aged 93

The place where she was

Sinéad O’Connor hated the very idea of being a pop star

Ireland’s most provocative singer and protester died on July 26th, aged 56

A wizard in the woods

SunRay Kelley wanted to build in rhythm with nature, his teacher

The “evolutionary” eco-architect and forest-dweller died on July 16th, aged 71

The last Romantic

André Watts took both Liszt and Schubert to his heart

One of America’s first black stars of classical piano died on July 12th, aged 77

When angels laugh

Milan Kundera believed that truth lay in endless questioning

The Czech novelist, author of “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”, died on July 11th, aged 94

Truth, and how to find it

Victoria Amelina explored a land of atrocities and secrets

The Ukrainian writer and civil-rights campaigner died on July 1st, from injuries sustained in a Russian missile attack