Middle East & Africa

Crime fiction

Kenya’s cops are spinning wild tales

When people don’t trust you, try cartoons and creative writing

Powering up

Saudi Arabia wants to become a force in electric-vehicle manufacturing

Its ambitions may yet meet a number of obstacles

The horn laws

Why there is a bear market in rhinos

It is too expensive to protect them from poachers

France and Africa

Why Emmanuel Macron is pulling French troops out of Niger

France’s decision to quit leaves its Africa policy in disarray

Trip hazards

America, Israel and Saudi are “at the cusp of a deal”

Joe Biden’s diplomacy could upend the Middle East, and give the Saudis nuclear technology

Prison blues

Lebanon’s prison inmates are running short of food

And most have not even been convicted

Never let a crisis go to waste

Khalifa Haftar will use Libya’s floods to deepen his control

His son is in charge of disaster aid, while talk of elections will be put on hold

Hostages and a fortune

Iran’s $6bn hostage deal is part of a broader diplomatic strategy

But inside the country, tensions are running high

Making sex safer again

Is the end of AIDS in sight?

The virus can be brought under control, but it’s complicated

Kenya, Africa’s climate laboratory

Kenya wants to pioneer a new African approach to global warming

But not everyone agrees

A court of their own

The judge and the attorney-general fighting for Israeli democracy

Two women are leading the opposition to the government’s legal reforms

Earth and water

The lethal negligence of politicians in Morocco and Libya

After both disasters, authorities spurned offers of help and left victims to suffer