Reboot successful

The lessons from Microsoft’s startling comeback

A bold bet on AI could help it overtake Apple as the world’s most valuable firm

A short war with a long shadow

A humanitarian disaster is under way in Nagorno-Karabakh

And Russia may also be destabilising its old ally, Armenia

The budget bust-up

Forget the shutdown. America’s real fiscal worry is rising bond yields

Watch Wall Street, not Washington

A bigger, better EU

The war in Ukraine is a powerful reason to enlarge—and improve—the EU

Nine new countries, including Ukraine, are vying to join

Elixir of life

Living to 120 is becoming an imaginable prospect

Efforts to slow ageing are taking wing

Striking contradictions

Joe Biden may come to regret his claim to be pro-union

The UAW strike highlights the deep strains in Bidenomics

How to beat HIV

To end AIDS, high-risk countries will need to jab schoolgirls

Injections that could keep a generation virus-free are on the horizon

Beyond the hype

ChatGPT mania may be cooling, but a serious new industry is taking shape

Three forces will shape the business of generative AI

Uninsurable America

Climate change is coming for America’s property market

Insurance is supposed to signal risk. Policymakers should let it

From Asia to Asia

What Asia’s economic revolution means for the world

Links between the region’s countries are getting stronger. But America’s loss is not entirely China’s gain


Ukraine faces a long war. A change of course is needed

Its backers should pray for a speedy victory—but plan for a long struggle

Death in Vancouver

If India ordered a murder in Canada, there must be consequences

Western countries have for too long acquiesced to the Indian government’s abuses