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Bowel cancer is rising among young people

Should the screening age come down?

Olive oil and snake oil

Places claiming to be centenarian hotspots may just have bad data

Adopting birth certificates appears to cut the lifespans of the very old

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America’s missing doctors

Where are all the geriatricians?

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Republicans are turning against Ukraine

The House is looking increasingly divided amid talks of more aid

China’s demography

China’s “demographic dividend” appears to be a myth

If youth didn’t drive past growth, is ageing bound to be disastrous?

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Which languages take the longest to learn?

A lesson by Johnson, our language columnist

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Are American children’s books getting more “woke”?

A new study suggests not—at least in representation of race and gender

Measure for measure

Global democratic backsliding seems real, even if it is hard to measure

Our analysis highlights two measures of governance that have diverged in recent years

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Europe, not America, is now Ukraine’s largest backer

Commitments from the EU and its member states are worth almost twice as much as those from America

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Which countries get the best night’s sleep?

Asians sleep later, shorter and less well

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The old have come to dominate American politics

Voters say they favour age limits for elected officials

Bad vibrations

The pandemic has broken a closely followed survey of sentiment

Americans’ opinions about the state of the economy have diverged from reality