Guess who’s back!

Slovakia gives pro-Russian populist nationalism another win

It could join the EU’s awkward squad if Robert Fico forms a government

One last push

The EU is finally rebooting the enlargement machine

Going from 27 to 36 members will require reform of the bloc


The definition of Europe has always been both inspiring and incoherent

But that has not stopped it growing

Black and Blue Sea

War has arrived in Crimea

Slowly but methodically, Ukraine is chipping away at Russia’s firepower in the peninsula

Good from evil

Seven years after a terrorist attack, Nice has rebuilt itself

“You have made us stronger,” says the mayor

Attack ‘em

America says it will send long-range missiles to Ukraine

ATACMS will allow Ukraine to keep up its strikes for longer


Angst mounts over Germany’s green transition

Meeting its targets looks hard

Geopolitical monster v Brussels effect

Why the EU will not remain the world’s digital über-regulator

It is not a big enough player in AI

A one-day war

Azerbaijan is close to taking control of Nagorno-Karabakh

The ethnic-Armenian enclave has agreed to disarm


Europe’s conservative populists pit migrants against babies

Viktor Orban and Giorgia Meloni want their citizens to have more children

Back to arms

Azerbaijan wants to “reintegrate” Nagorno-Karabakh through force

How that would happen without a mass exodus of Armenians is unclear

Pencil lines

An interview with the head of Ukraine’s defence intelligence

“Warehouses in the West are not completely empty. No matter what anyone says,” says Kyrylo Budanov