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“Bluey” captures the joys of childhood and parenting

The surprise hit show first aired five years ago and has become a family favourite

World in a dish

Dave Portnoy, an internet personality, has become pizza’s kingmaker

His controversial ratings have brought attention to what makes a good slice


In favour of simple writing

There is mounting evidence on why short and sharp is best

The unreal deal

Hyperreal art is Instagram-worthy and booming

But is it any good? People cannot decide

The emperor strikes back

A new book by Mary Beard looks at the glitz and gore of Rome

“Emperor of Rome” is a colourful tour of 30 emperors spanning over 250 years

The sports page

America’s golfers get the yips when they cross the Atlantic

They have not won the Ryder Cup on European soil for 30 years

Writing the wrongs of history

Some people in China are bravely trying to document the past

“Sparks”, a new book by Ian Johnson, looks at China’s censored history

Nasty gal

A reappraisal of Betty Davis’s trailblazing music is under way

Her career as a musician was brief, but her influence has been profound

The sports page

E-sports could revitalise international sports events

The Olympics should learn from the Asian Games

Tok of the town

TikTok is changing the way books are recommended and sold

This represents a profound shift for readers, authors and publishers

Books and bobs

Publishing used to be packed with parties and punch

A new biography of George Weidenfeld looks at the heyday of book publishing

Where the wild things are

From myth to art, bears have long captivated people

A new book tells the story of eight bear species and their travails