No time for stinginess

Politics hamper China’s efforts to stimulate the economy

The prime minister is weak and the president frugal

An absurd life sentence

China’s persecution of Uyghurs extends to those it once favoured

The punishment of Rahile Dawut speaks volumes

Return game

After an unsuccessful boycott, women’s tennis is back in China

The governing body admits defeat in its push for women’s rights

Claims on the past

How China uses UNESCO to rewrite history

The country’s heritage sites often reinforce the Communist Party’s view of the past


China tells its citizens to be on the lookout for spies

They’re everywhere, says the local intelligence agency


China wants to be the leader of the global south

An unusual speech in Cuba gives hints about its grand plan

Xi’s troubled coterie

The disappearance of China’s defence minister raises big questions

Officials selected by Xi Jinping are going down. What does that say about his judgment?

General intrigue

The mystery surrounding China’s missing defence minister

His absence raises questions about Xi Jinping’s judgment

Shock and awe

China’s government launches a campaign against medical corruption

But it may not tackle the roots of the problem

Assimilation game

China’s push to create a single national identity

Inner Mongolia is the latest target

Singing in the ruin

A Chinese opera star’s ode to Russia—from a Ukrainian bomb site

Wang Fang’s performance highlights divisions in China


Xi Jinping builds a 21st-century police state

A draft law gives rank-and-file officers new, arbitrary powers