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Javier Milei argues that Argentina’s central bank should not exist

Nor is there a future with the peso, says the presidential front-runner

Climate change

David Keith on why carbon removal won’t save big oil but may help the climate

Greens should cheer the blurring of the industry’s interests, says the academic

Ukraine’s long war

A web of security guarantees could give Ukraine all the help it needs, says Fabrice Pothier

The former NATO policy planner examines the potential power of recent international dealmaking


How Russia and Ukraine interpret and signal information will determine the course of the war

Hein Goemans and Branislav Slantchev argue that the fighting will not end until expectations converge

Artificial intelligence and jobs

Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne on how AI benefits lower-skilled workers

Machines make producing average content easier, conclude the two academics

Economic development

Bjorn Lomborg calls for a new approach to meeting global development goals

Narrowing the list of promises would allow more to be done with less money, says the Danish economist

Germany’s economy

Robert Habeck responds to The Economist’s “sick man of Europe” cover

The symptoms are milder than our diagnosis would suggest, says Germany’s economy minister

Israel and the Palestinians

Martin Indyk reflects on the Oslo accords, 30 years on

The spirit of the Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement lives on—just—says America’s former ambassador


The cold war holds lessons for America’s rivalry with China, say Condoleezza Rice and Niall Ferguson

Military strength matters, as do allies, but nothing is inevitable

Europe’s economic challenges

Mario Draghi on the path to fiscal union in the euro zone

It will require new rules and more pooled sovereignty, says the former head of the ECB

The West and Russia

Mikheil Saakashvili on the lessons from Georgia

Forget hopes of normalising relations with Vladimir Putin, says Georgia’s ex-president

The future of WFH

Nicholas Bloom predicts a working-from-home Nike swoosh

Firms, employees and society will all benefit, reckons the Stanford economist