A second flight

How Microsoft could supplant Apple as the world’s most valuable firm

It hopes to seize on AI to transform the future of work

A lean patch

Western help for Ukraine is likely to diminish next year

There is a shortage of weapons and munitions—and, in some quarters, goodwill

The battle within

To endure a long war, Ukraine is remaking its army, economy and society

The improvisation and decentralisation of the early part of the war will no longer suffice

Swell of pride

The hard right is getting closer to power all over Europe

It does not need to join governments to affect policymaking


The Gulf countries want to reshape the Middle East in their image

Stability and development is a tempting formula, but it has been tried before

Looters with flags

How cynical leaders are whipping up nationalism to win and abuse power

Hatemongers often erode checks on misrule and corruption

A problem child

El Ni?o and global warming are mixing in alarming ways

Havoc in poor countries and commodities markets is inevitable

Generation Stagnation

China’s defeated youth

Young Chinese have little hope for the future. Xi Jinping wants them to toughen up

Scoring political goals

Saudi Arabia is spending a fortune on sport

It says this will help diversify its economy. Critics call it “sportswashing”

Turning a corner

Could America’s economy escape recession?

The route to a soft landing is narrow

Chaos meets preparation

The meticulous, ruthless preparations for a second Trump term

The America First movement is readying policies and personnel

Neighbourhood botch

Why China should be friendlier to its neighbours

If it wants to challenge America’s global leadership, it will need their backing