Losing the Voice

Australians look set to reject new provisions for Aboriginal people

Advocates of a constitutional “Voice” for Aboriginal people are facing defeat

Digital Jio-graphy

Can a $12 phone get 300m illiterate Indians online?

India’s biggest mobile network is aiming to bridge an America-sized gap in internet access

Gender politics

Narendra Modi wants a lot more women in Indian politics

India’s female political representation is worse than Pakistan’s

Japanese loos

The world’s greatest toilet culture

A fine German film director puts Japan’s spotless facilities in the spotlight

Politics and the law

South Korea’s opposition leader narrowly avoids arrest

Lee Jae-myung claims the charges against him are trumped up

Strait up lies

China is flooding Taiwan with disinformation

With elections looming, China wants Taiwanese voters to think America is their greatest threat

After the assassination

India is testing America’s friendship

Its partnership with the West is strong but not unbreakable

Rebuilding Tokyo

Demolishing one of Babe Ruth’s last stadiums

Baseball fans and environmentalists are opposing a lavish redevelopment project


China’s claim to the South China Sea gets even odder

Despite its more co-operative tone, China will not stop its bullying in the South China Sea

Asia’s new aid diplomacy

China isn’t the only country giving out goodies in Asia

Japan and South Korea are offering development cash too

Murder in the suburbs

A devastating accusation by Justin Trudeau against India

The row between Canada and India could draw in America and Britain

Otterly loriculus

Hornbills, otters and even a tapir: Singapore is rewilding

Once-lost species are coming back to the densely built-up city-state