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Ukraine at war

All of our coverage of the war in one place

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United States

By averting a government shutdown, Kevin McCarthy risks his job

Yet the squabbling House Republicans may be too divided to topple him

Finance & economics

How carbon prices are taking over the world

A quarter of global emissions are now covered, and the share is rising fast


Slovakia gives pro-Russian populist nationalism another win

It could join the EU’s awkward squad if Robert Fico forms a government

The world in brief

Matt Gaetz, a Republican congressman from Florida, said he would move to oust Kevin McCarthy, the beleaguered speaker of the House of Representatives, for working with Democrats to pass an 11th-hour stopgap funding bill...

罢耻谤办别测’蝉 government said its forces had carried out air strikes on Kurdish targets in northern Iraq, after an apparent suicide-bombing on Sunday in the Turkish capital, Ankara...

In Poland hundreds of thousands of supporters of Civic Coalition, the leading opposition group, marched through Warsaw, the capital, ahead of a general election on October 15th...

Smer, a pro-Russian party led by Robert Fico, a former prime minister, won Slovakia’s election...

The new Supreme Court term takes aim at the administrative state

Conflicts over guns, gender bias and abortion are coming up, too

Mexico’s gangs could be the country’s fifth-biggest employer

A recent paper suggests a novel way to curb their power

Fernando Botero became famous for his over-size people and animals

But the Colombian painter and sculptor, who died on September 15th, had a different agenda

Ukraine at war

All of our coverage of the war in one place

Checks and Balance

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Living to 120 is becoming an imaginable prospect

Efforts to slow ageing are taking wing

Slowing human ageing is now the subject of serious research

And some of it is making progress, writes Geoffrey Carr

Eating fewer calories can ward off ageing

And various existing medicines may offer similar benefits

Video: In search of forever

Inside our correspondent’s investigation into the science of longevity

A bigger, better EU

The war in Ukraine is a powerful reason to enlarge—and improve—the EU

Nine new countries, including Ukraine, are vying to join

The EU is finally rebooting the enlargement machine

Going from 27 to 36 members will require reform of the bloc

France’s foreign-policy revolution

A French geopolitical shift on NATO and enlargement could reshape the future of Europe

Business, finance and economics

The costs of Russia’s war are about to hit home

Vladimir Putin will be unable to protect citizens from the pain

Buttonwood: Investors’ enthusiasm for Japanese stocks has gone overboard

Speculators have flocked to the country’s markets this year. They may soon regret it

Pharma’s big push for a new generation of obesity drugs

Rivals to Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly are piling in

Free exchange: Why the state should not promote marriage

Even though children from two-parent households do better in life

World news

Australians look set to reject new provisions for Aboriginal people

Advocates of a constitutional “Voice” for Aboriginal people are facing defeat

Andrés Manuel López Obrador puts his stamp on Mexico’s schools

Some parents and politicians are putting up a fight

Kenya’s cops are spinning wild tales

When people don’t trust you, try cartoons and creative writing

China’s persecution of Uyghurs extends to those it once favoured

The punishment of Rahile Dawut speaks volumes

Trump’s legal troubles

Donald Trump is found liable for fraud in his real-estate dealings

Eventually, that could cost him his business

Could the 14th Amendment bar Donald Trump from becoming president again?

Some conservative legal scholars think so—but the idea is a long shot

A primer on Trump’s criminal trials

They will shape the drama of next year’s presidential election

Only politics, not the law, can stop Donald Trump

His lies will otherwise remain an effective political and legal tool

Ukraine’s long war

War has arrived in Crimea

Slowly but methodically, Ukraine is chipping away at Russia’s firepower in the peninsula

Combat in Ukraine appears to be at its most intense yet

Our satellite view of the conflict, updated daily

Ukraine faces a long war. A change of course is needed

Its backers should pray for a speedy victory—but plan for a long struggle

Western help for Ukraine is likely to diminish next year

There is a shortage of weapons and munitions—and, in some quarters, goodwill

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Great reads

A new book by Mary Beard looks at the glitz and gore of Rome

“Emperor of Rome” is a colourful tour of 30 emperors spanning over 250 years

Graphic detail: Places claiming to be centenarian hotspots may just have bad data

Adopting birth certificates appears to cut the lifespans of the very old

Some people in China are bravely trying to document the past

“Sparks”, a new book by Ian Johnson, looks at China’s censored history

What to read to understand journalism

Four non-fiction books and one novel about the essence and ethics of the trade

Canada, India and an assassination

The spat with India only adds to Justin Trudeau’s woes

Support for his government was faltering even before the squabble

If India ordered a murder in Canada, there must be consequences

Western countries have for too long acquiesced to the Indian government’s abuses

States are becoming more brazen about killing foes abroad

Some countries are finding new justifications for political murders

India is testing America’s friendship

Its partnership with the West is strong but not unbreakable

China’s faltering economy

Politics hamper China’s efforts to stimulate the economy

The prime minister is weak and the president frugal

Ties between foreign businesses and China go from bad to worse

Travel and investment are shockingly depressed

The city that encapsulates China’s economic stagnation

Zhengzhou’s experience suggests that local problems will be hard to fix

China may face a lost decade

Xi Jinping has the tools to escape Japan’s fate. He should use them

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